Black beans and rice

I saw this post for The Professor’s Black Beans and Rice and had to try it. I’ve only had BBR once and that was from a Zatarain’s box that was surprisingly tasty, considering the beans were space food (dehydrated). Anyway, I’m trying to cook more different stuff and this looked like a good place to start.

I had trouble cutting up the onion. In retrospect, I should have used the food processor but I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like figuring out how to chop an onion in the processor. I tried to dice it as much as I could but my eyes were watering quite a bit and I couldn’t see (and both kids were hanging right around where I was cutting).

I used a bit more rice than the recipe called for, probably 2.5 cups after I held some out for the kids (they like rice with butter and sugar). I think next time I won’t use any onion at all and see how it turns out.


7 thoughts on “Black beans and rice

  1. You can certainly leave out the onion but I wouldn’t recommend trying to use a food processor to chop it. A roughly chopped onion would be fine and might not cause so many tears. I haven’t yet figured out the secret to cutting onions without crying.

    • That’s kind of what I figured. I once tried making salsa with onions and tomatoes and it ended up more like soup. Oops.

      I have issues with onions from being pregnant. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t eat anything with onions, onion powder, onion anything. I can eat them without gagging but they aren’t my favorite food. Same with corn.

      I’ve tried a few thing to help with cutting onions like cutting them near boiling water, leaving the end part (whatever it’s called), and nothing helps me.

      Thanks for the recipe! I’m going to check your blog to see what I am going to make next.

      • While a food processor will turn your onion to mush, I wonder if one of those hand chopper (google hand chopper and look at something like the zyliss hand food chopper) wouldn’t be a better solution for you.

  2. I have something (think Slap Chop, but not that particular brand) in the back of the cabinet. My husband and I were just joking that I needed to use the slap chop. LOL!

  3. I was actually going to suggest something like a SlapChop for the onion. We have one and pretty much only use it for chopping onions. If it is a particularly pungent onion, then my eyes will still tear up, but not nearly as bad as if I did it by hand. The beans and rice looks good! Did your kids like it? I make red beans and rice every once in a while and my son loves it (especially the sausage that gets added in!).

    • TBO ate some rice (with butter and sugar) and I tried to get him to eat some beans, but I don’t think he did. TGO is not a fan of any sort of bean.

      Wait! Sausage? There’s an idea!

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