A few of TGO’s favorite things

TGO loves noodles and bread and I didn’t feel like eating the beef leftovers so I made spaghetti and meatballs. She had hers with sauce and parmesan cheese and TBO had his with no sauce, just the parmesan. And he had a meatball. The bread was leftover from the previous night. Those rolls were so good! For dessert we had peanut butter pie that I got from Harris Teeter’s superdoubles.

For lunch it’s been a little bit of leftovers (today it was leftover spaghetti) and stuff cut into shapes. I really would like to find some small cookie cutters but have been making do with whatever I can find in the kitchen. Today I used the bottom part of a tea ball to cut circles out of bread and cheese. Why is it kids will eat things cut into shapes anyway?


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