Tasty things I’ve eaten lately

Those scalloped potatoes were so good! They were finished cooking before the kids got home for dinner and I had sampled so much I wasn’t hungry. They were fantastic reheated (stored in the fridge) for several days. Also, I used some swiss cheese but we didn’t have that much (my kids like to snack on it and I didn’t want to use it all up) so I used mozzarella and some cheddar.

The 17 bean soup was also tasty. We have eaten 2 containers of it and the rest is in the freezer. Perfect meal in a  hurry, just nuke it in the container to loosen it up and finish heating on the stove.

Okay, I didn’t cook this last one but the fried chicken from Harris Teeter is like crack to me. I bought some last night and we’ll be having the leftovers tonight. I drool just thinking about it! Pair with some rolls and green beans and… wait, it’s only 3:30? I can’t wait for dinnertime!

Oh, and how can I forget the fudge from Kilwin’s? As many times as I’ve been there I’d never tried the fudge until last night. Yum!


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