Bubble Tea

I’ve only seen bubble tea at two places – a kiosk at the mall and one of my favorite Asian restaurants. I don’t do public food so I never took the samples they are always giving out at the mall but was curious enough to google it. And then I forgot about it until Friday night. I asked on twitter and facebook and it got rave reviews. On Saturday I ordered a mocha bubble tea at the Asian place and here’s what I thought:

I didn’t taste anything coffee or mocha. It tasted like a watered-down Frosty from Wendy’s. Not bad, but definitely not mocha.

The bubbles have no flavor. I’ve never had tapioca so I didn’t know what to expect. If they had a chocolate flavor that would have been AWESOME. Anyway, it’s like eating flavorless gummi bears.

Not bad, but I probably won’t buy another. And I can now say I’ve tried it 🙂


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