Thanksgiving noms

I made scalloped potatoes, roasted squash, and apple dump cake.

The potatoes are super-easy (once you get past the pain of peeling them). And they travel pretty well because they stay pretty hot.

I had planned to make these, but ran out of time so I just roasted the squash with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Super easy! I’ll have to try that other recipe another time when I’m not running around like crazy. I probably had enough time but I was afraid I would be too distracted and burn the butter.

The apple dump cake was by far the easiest dessert I’ve ever made. I loved the crust the cake mix and butter made with the walnuts. Mmmm… I used 2 sticks of butter but I think 1 might have been fine too.

Sorry there are no pics but Thanksgiving morning was crazy with trying to cook 3 dishes (with 2 small helpers, no less) and watch bits and pieces of the parade too. But it was a fun day!


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