What do you feed your kids? Ideas needed!

I guess it’s confession time: My kids used to drink “smoothies” when they first got up in the morning. Why the quotes around smoothie? Because I’m such a slacker mom. Lately they are some flavored yogurt (organic, usually) and milk. I used to put baby food (fruit puree) or pureed tofu in them, but I got away from that a long time ago. For TBO, when he was a toddler, those smoothies were his primary food source and once he started eating solid food, I stopped making a meal of the smoothie.

Anyway, we stopped the morning smoothie a couple of weeks ago and they have finally gotten used to the idea of eating a breakfast that requires chewing. They have juice and a cereal bar (the fruit ones from Trader Joe’s) and I’m noticing that they eat more during the day as well. Which is why I’m posting. Now that they are eating more I need more ideas on meals and snacks.

What are your kids eating these days? What books or blogs do you like? I’m adding blogs to the sidebar and I love finding new cooking blogs 🙂


One thought on “What do you feed your kids? Ideas needed!

  1. Whatever I eat. Haha. Let’s see, T is 2& usually has a fried egg with spinach scrambled in or raw on the side, granola with coconut milk or toast and unsweetened applesauce for brekkie. Lunch is a lot of grazing- ham, veggies, crackers and hummus, sometimes something big like pizza with loads of veggies- broccoli shreds a must, or a sandwich. She’s allergic to dairy or we’d eat cheese&yogurt& those sorts of foods too. Dinnertime we all eat together, typically a Mexican night- she likes beans/rice/avocado, or pasta- raviolis are a big hit as are just plain pasta dishes, or Asian dishes- stir fry, egg roll etc loaded with lots of vegetables and fresh things as much as we can. She’s also in to burgers (veggie burgers here) and sweet potato fries and anything that gets loaded onto those burgers usually gets eaten too.

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