As I was shopping in Trader Joe’s I picked up some of their pre-cooked chicken. I guess it’s grilled and cut into strips or something. It’s not flavored and I thought I’d put it into quesadillas and make sandwiches or something. I took a few more steps and saw whole chickens for about the same price. Sure, I’d have to cook it, but there were more possibilities for the whole chicken.

So I washed the chicken and threw it into the slow-cooker. I put some salt and pepper on it and let it cook for the whole day. It was quite tasty! I cut up half of the bird and that was our dinner, paired with some cream cheese biscuits and green beans. Couldn’t be easier!

Though I will admit a couple of things: I put the bird in upside down. I didn’t realize it until I started cutting that the breasts were on the bottom. Oh well. Also, lodged deep in the, erm, cavity was the bag-o-guts. Even though I washed this chicken and felt around, I didn’t feel this bag. Also, oh well. It didn’t make any difference.

Tonight’s dinner will either be leftover chicken in pesto pasta or leftover chicken in quesadillas.


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