A post only semi-related to noms

Today was my weigh-in, but I’ve cheated and weighed most every morning this week because I needed some good news. Officially, I lost 4 pounds this week and 7? since I started Weight Watchers. I’ve lost close to 10 this month, which is 40 pounds off my knees, which supposedly will help the arthritis. Dear knees, I’m trying here so get with the program!

I am planning to make some more chia pudding for this afternoon. It’s really easy to make, which is good since I’m limited in my ability to move around and cook. I haven’t been to the store since November 17th (the day before my knee filled with blood) and I’m missing going to pick out new foods to try. I find recipes and when DH goes to the store, he gets stuff to make things like WW-friendly burgers and tacos and such. He’s finding things on his own, like muffins that are 3 points and high in fiber. I’m rarely hungry, but I wish I could cook more.

I went to the ortho yesterday and got a second cortisone injection for the week. I had my left knee drained and cortisone Monday and cortisone in my right knee Thursday. Fun! I had a lateral release 6 months ago on (plus chondroplasty and plica removal) on my right knee and now I’m stuck with grade 3 (out of 4 arthritis) because my kneecap has been crunching against a bone in there for so long. It’s too early to tell if the second lateral release/plica removal/chondroplasty worked, but I can say that hemarthrosis is a pain. Draining and cortisone injections are fine, but having a knee full of blood isn’t.

Since I’m 32, I doubt that a knee replacement of any sort is off the table. I’m feeling sort of stuck because the only treatment left is orthovisc and even the physical therapist said I’m buying time. I’m frustrated because I’m in such pain all the time, especially walking around and my doctors don’t seem to think I should have any quality of life. I’m 32, with 2 small children, and they seem to think I should be bed-ridden. I let them schedule the orthovisc but I’m pretty done with being part of the livestock line at orthocarolina. I’ve scheduled an appointment with my general physician to see if he can refer me to a smaller ortho office, I’m looking into doing pool therapy on my own, and getting a wheelchair so I can get out of this house!

First place I want to go? The store so I can look at noms!


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