I totally can’t stay on-topic

I cheated and weighed again because I need good news wherever I can get it and I’ve lost another 2 pounds. I’m under 190! *happydance* My knees haven’t noticed yet, the inattentive shits.

Yesterday we went to look at scooters and wheelchairs and let me say this – I have new respect for people in wheelchairs. Holy crap it’s hard to get up hills and over thresholds and I didn’t even try opening a door myself. I’d just have to sit until a nice person came and took pity on me and my noodle arms. I tried a scooter and it’s very easy to drive (I don’t feel like I’ll roll 90 mph down a hill, though I was able to control the chair down a ramp without ending up in traffic), but the scooter is HEAVY! I can’t get it in and out if the van myself and there’s no way that thing is coming upstairs.

I guess my takeaway from looking and trying out chairs and scooters is that it’s going to be impossible for me to go out alone. Either I’ll need someone with me to help get the scooter in and out f the car (and I can’t use it for all the puttering around I do in the house, which is painful) or I need someone to help me with a wheelchair, at least until I get some upper-body strength.


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