Chicken Quesadillas

Skinless chicken tenders (points depend on how much you add, 1/2 chicken breast is 3 points)

Tortillas (depends on kind you use, 2 small fat-free tortillas are 1 point, 2 medium whole wheat tortillas are 5 points)

Onion (0 points)

Red/yellow/green bell pepper (0 points, or you can use the frozen pepper and onion mix)

1/8 cup Mexican cheese (1 point)

Pam butter spray (0 points)

salt and pepper

salsa (0 points)

Cook chicken until done (add salt and pepper to taste). Cook veggies until they are desired level of done. Put veggies, chicken (shred or chop), cheese on tortillas. Toast in oven until cheese is melted and tortillas a bit crisp. Top or dip in salsa.

If you used the larger tortillas (5 pts) , and loaded it up with chicken (3 points) and cheese (1 point if you go easy and use 1/8 cup), and veggies (0 points), you could have a pretty tasty and filling meal (and get in lots of veggies) for 9 points 🙂


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