Pinterest fail: mashed cauliflower

I kept seeing how great mashed cauliflower was. How it was a great replacement for mashed potatoes. So healthy and it tastes the same, they say!

They lie.

Let me spare you of this concoction that’s been passed about on pinterest. It’s beyond disgusting. And a pain in the butt to make (if you’re me).

First, I boiled the cauliflower florets and drained them, just like the recipes said. (Yes, I looked at several recipes, so I can’t blame any specific one.) Since everyone claims THEY ARE JUST LIKE POTATOES! I tried my hand masher. I could still see cauliflower texture so I got out the hand blender, that I don’t even use on potatoes. Cue cauliflower bits flying EVERYWHERE! By now I was determined. I’d already added butter and milk and spices and dirtied up dishes, so I might as well see it through. I got out the food processor and processed the shit out of that cauliflower mess.

Oh, but I wasn’t finished failing miserably.

This mashed cauliflower was dense and not smooth like potatoes. And the taste was not at all like potatoes, but like cauliflower. Bitter? If I’m going to eat cauliflower, I’d rather have it whole, as in roasted or raw.

I hope I’ve spared you this pinterest fail. 😉


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