The chicken that keeps going… And going…

I finally got around to cooking the chicken I got a couple of weeks back from our “beef guy”. I ended up having to thaw it in a sink full of water, but once that was done, I slathered it in butter, salt, and pepper (I left the inside empty). There was a slight snafu with the temperature/butter/lack of tin foil, but thanks to twitter people, I got that fixed (and thankfully it was warm enough to open a window to let the smoke out).

That roasted chicken was so good! We split a giant breast for our dinner (the kids like the novelty of the legs and tbo… You have to take the bone away because he would gnaw on it if you let him. I call him caveboy.) I cut off the other breast and picked off the best cuts of meat and put in a container. Then I picked off the little bits of meat in another container for soup. Finally, I put literally everything else in the slow-cooker (skin, bones, drippings from the roasting pan, etc., covered in water and threw in an onion. I let that simmer overnight, which drove our cat completely bonkers. I woke up to a house full of chicken aroma and an old cat running around like a kitten, hoping for some chicken.

I poured the broth through a strainer into containers and put those in the freezer.

But wait! There’s more!

I refilled the slow-cooker with water and added some garlic to the second batch. I let that cook all day and got 3 more containers of broth for the freezer.

We are still workings the chicken. I added some to pesto pasta last night and there’s probably enough for chicken quesadillas for lunch or some really meaty chicken noodle soup tonight.

I’d say I got my money’s worth from that one chicken šŸ™‚



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